Marina Joyce is alive and kicking

YouTuber Marina Joyce has been found. The 22-year-old had last been seen at her home in North London on the 31 July. Her boyfriend Brandon Mehmed posted on Instagram on Friday night to say “she is safe and well“. Charity Missing People also confirmed her appeal had been closed as she had been located. She last posted a video to her 2.1m YouTube subscribers at the end of June.

Marina, whose on-screen erratic behaviour previously led to numerous conspiracy theories, had been missing for nine days, with the charity Missing People releasing an appeal for her to get in touch. The appeal was posted online at 8pm on 9 August and claimed she went missing from her home town of Haringey, London on 31 July. Haringey’s local police force also tweeted an appeal: ‘Can you help to find Marina Joyce, 22, missing from #Haringey? ‘Last seen on 31Jul and reported missing to police on 7Aug. Call 101 and quote 19MIS031063 with any info.’

Early on Saturday morning, the 22-year-old’s boyfriend shared a message on his Instagram page, explaining everything is ‘being dealt with’. ‘This is a temporary post to send a message to everyone worried for Marina,’ he told his 4,604 followers. ‘Everything is being dealt with in a professional manner. Please don’t worry about her as she is safe and well (you have my word for that). ‘Also everyone who thinks I’m acting “suspicious” are only misinformed and don’t know me at alllll (sic). Goodnight people.’

The 22-year-old found fame for her YouTube beauty videos and posted her last video on 21 June 2019. The caption claimed another video would be coming a week later but her page has yet to be updated. In 2016 she sparked mass panic among her fans who believed there was a cry for help hidden inside one of her videos. The video DATE VIDEO IDEAS saw Marina at one point seemingly whisper ‘help me’ very quietly while her arms were also bruised.

A #SaveMarinaJoyce campaign began trending on Twitter in the UK and US but Enfield Police later tweeted that she was ‘safe and well’. Weeks later she called on followers to call her ‘Goddess Marina’ from now on, and claimed that she wanted to create a temple and shrine where she is known as ‘God of the Shrine’ where she would spend her time drawing, meditating, and ‘finding (people) extreme spiritual help and guidance’. She said it had all come about because she has ‘found a couple of secrets about the After Life and I know that I can still contact humans during the afterlife’.

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